Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In-Game Development Play Test

This morning our development team met up for an in-game session to test out the mechanics of Brave Arms. It was so fun! Now, I admit that I am new to the video game scene and some would even dare to call me a Noob, but I am quickly learning my way around the battlefield. I've realized that in this industry especially, it can be a harsh, lonely world for those considered Noobs.
As the game launched and the scenes were set, immediately the battle started. Guns were fired and grenades launched made the play intense. I could hear voices shouting from each office as they were killed or made a kill. I was immediately immersed in the energy of the gameplay. Each level is carefully crafted with the most artistic components and the battles are quite enjoyable, once I learned the controls, that is.
So, from the perspective of a light gamer, Noob, or however I would be referenced, I can honestly say that the game rocks!

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