Thursday, February 11, 2010

Over 21,000 Players Committed to Brave Arms

According to our facebook fan page, the amount of monthly active users signed up for the Brave Arms Social Shooter is up over 21,000 since our announced launch last Thursday. This is great news to not only our team, but to those who are waiting for the game to launch. Now I know that everyone is anxiously waiting for us to announce our official launch date, but we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that you fans and players get to play the best possible creation our team can deliver. So, we thank you for your continued patience with the dates and informtion and please know that we hear your request and we are working extremely hard in the office to ensure you get the results of an amazing experience.
Keep on the lookout for more insights and information!


  1. awesome, thanks for the update! can't wait for launch :)

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  3. Cool! I have one question though. Will the game support mac computers? I hope so. The game looks good!